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We Are Local

Our entire team is located in Bend, Oregon. We hire and contract with local people to maintain and manage all our units.

We Have a Wealth of Knowledge

The team at Lucky Vacation Rental have been providing clean, affordable furnished houses in Bend and Central Oregon since 1996. Our concierge style rentals are unmatched.

What is Transitional, or Temporary Housing?

Many times we may find ourselves in need of a temporary living situation. There are many circumstances that one can find themselves in that would create this need. Our goal is to match people with the housing solution that best fits their needs and budget.

Temporary housing usually includes a furnished home with all the necessities needed to for daily living. Our units are all furnished with all the items you will need to cook and clean, towels, bed linens and other items you may need. The idea being that all you need to bring is your clothing and personal items.

Wether you are looking for property here in Central Oregon and need a place to stay while you look; or you are on temporary assignment for work, a furnished units are the perfect solution.

Traveling Nurses

We specialize in the Traveling Nurse housing and can work with your broker, HR or directly with you to find accommodations that fit your needs and budget.

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